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Roaming around the streets of Abu Dhabi is just the experience I can’t fully explain in words. It was just beyond my imagination. Beautiful city, perfectly enriched with the ancient heritage.

It’s just the perfect blend of the modern age and ancient heritage beautifully handled in a unique way. It is a rare combination that attracts the majority of tourism towards the city every year. Where you are free to live a comfortable life in the city heart, camel safari in the desert is also nowhere behind than a real fun and excitement. Where Skyline buildings are there attracting the attention of the majority of customers, how can you forget the beauty of the Persian Gulf?

Abu Dhabi is not only the capital of the United Arab Emirates but is also a center of trade for various countries as well. Everything here tells the story of success of this beautiful nation that it magically has attained in just a couple of decades. Along with having some fantastic construction, cleanliness and follow up of the rules are one of the most admiring and visible things that leave every tourist impressed.

So, if you are planning to spend your vacations in one of the enriched cultures, book your tickets to the Abu Dhabi City Tour now as this is just the right place to turn up your imaginations into reality. You can easily take an Abu Dhabi City Tour cost at lower prices and can enjoy the livelihood of this beautiful city.

All about Abu Dhabi City Tour

Before taking up a brief overview of the Abu Dhabi city Tour let’s start with the minor details. These details are quite important as it will decide your entire schedule here. One of the most beautiful things about this wonderful tour is that you can enjoy it any day. Try it anytime when you are free and want to explore this beautiful city. The weather remains the same throughout and hence there are not peak days or least preferable one.

The tour to Abu Dhabi City is about 9 hours’ tours where you will be guided to the different parts of the country so that you can explore all the wonder about there. Most probably the trip to Abu Dhabi starts every morning at 8:30:00 it means you will have 9 hours to roam around and you will get back to your destination at near around 5:30:00. Proper pickup and drop back services are being provided to the visitors here and you don’t need to worry about your transport system as well. The best part I loved most is its instant confirmation facility.

Just like other bookings, you can make bookings to this grand tour prior as well, and the best part is you will get the instant confirmation for it as well. Moreover, if your mood has changed or you have specific tasks to do, you can even cancel your tour as well without paying any extra charges for that. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you can opt for the tour cancellation option only 48 hours before the tour. The tour cancellation is not allowed after this period.

Pricing: Wow! A lot of opportunities to explore on along with such mind-blowing facilities. You inevitably have got attracted to this fascinating tour. Even I was on clouds when I came to learn about such incredible opportunities. One question that might be buzzing your head is, what would be its cost. If YES, just get relaxed. The price is too low at all that the tour is providing you.

Tour Overview

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. While on the tour of Abu Dhabi City you will come to know about the different aspects related to it such as how Abu Dhabi becomes a perfect blend of rich ancient heritage and modern contemporary life within a few decades. The Abu Dhabi City tour is baldly designed in such a way that the visitors can enjoy every aspect related to it without leaving behind any stone unturned. You will be taken to the different significant sights here, so be prepared to explore the wonder hidden in the most precious heritage. You will have a tour on some majestic landmarks of UAE along with a quick trip to its rich culture as well.

The astounding and expensive white structure – Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque will grab your attention. Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque was named after its late president and Kind of UAE. Moreover, you will have the opportunity of wondering some other beautiful sites here such as Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi City Center, Corniche and much more. If we talk about the new attractions of the Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World and Yas Island are some of the most unusual names that will fill you with a lot of fun and excitement. Both of these locations are a window to the Abu Dhabi’s past. If you are a shopaholic, get your bag backs ready as you will be taken forward for the famous Abu Dhabi WTC mall as well. You can easily find out a whole lot of retail outlets selling out various most popular brands, luxury items, and unique things as well.

Just only in a single day will be taken to all of the essential locations and moreover, you will have the opportunity of tasting the food from such beautiful heritage as well.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi

  • Ferrari World
  • Date market
  • Drive to Corniche with Photo Stop
  • Emirates Palace Hotel
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Get back to destination

Details of the different tour options

As we have mentioned to you earlier, the Abu Dhabi City tour package will start at 8:30:00 and will take about 9 hours to complete. The pickup and drop-down timing can alter half hour to one depending upon the situation. The tourists are provided with the hotel pick up and drop-down services which mean you will be guided place to place with every single brief. The visitors are provided with three tour options here:

Option 1: Abu Dhabi City Tour with Louvre Museum

This tour option will take you on the trip of cultural heritage and various modern attractions of Abu Dhabi including Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Heritage Village and Abu Dhabi museum, etc.

Option 2: Abu Dhabi City Tour with Lunch

If you are willing to enjoy the tour along with exploring its flavors for food as well, it would be a more significant opportunity for you to be a part of this package. With all of the places added in the above list, you will have a chance of tasting the traditional food of Abu Dhabi as well.

Option 3: Abu Dhabi City Tour + Warner Bros World

Well coming up with one of the premium packages, it is another beautiful option where you can enjoy the various cultural heritage and modern attractions of Abu Dhabi you will also be taken to the tour of Warner Bros World as well and that too with absolute comfort and luxury.

What is the booking policy of Abu Dhabi City Tour?

  • One can apply for free cancellations about 48 hours before the Abu Dhabi city tour departure.
  • If you are eligible for a refund, the regarding amount will be sent back to the related account within seven working days.
  • If you have kids with you and they are less than 1.3 meters or three years, you don’t need to pay for them.
  • If your kids are in between the age of three to ten years, they will be considered a child and you will have to pay child rates for them.
  • The children above than ten are considered to be adult and they will be charged accordingly.

Tips to keep in mind

  • You are allowed to transfer option depending upon the package you have chosen.
  • The tour charges offered are usually as per pick up and drop at the hotel only and if you want to make it as per your comfort, you will have to pay some extra charges for that.
  • As Abu Dhabi is a hardcore Muslim country, so you have to follow up some rules here. One need to cover their entire body from head to toe while entering the mosques especially the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. You are not allowed to wear any shorts, skirts, sleeveless shirts, tight clothing and another type of objectionable apparels.
  • The pickup and dropping timing of the tour may vary from half to hour depending upon the situation.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque will remain closed for visitors on Friday especially on the holy month of Ramadan, so plan accordingly. Also, on regular days, you are only allowed to visit the same only in fixed hours and, i.e., 9 AM to 1 PM

So guys! Make a plan today to abu dhabi city tour with ferrari world theme park and add some adventures into your memory diaries.



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